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About Us

Church One has been called by God to reach and teach the saved, unsaved, as well as the unchurched. Our teaching and preaching approach is diverse. We are able to begin at “ground zero” with the basic doctrine of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ; then, expand to a style that is more thought-provoking and stimulating theologically.


We believe that practical application is key to spiritual growth. We minister to people of all ages and backgrounds, including children, youth, adults, mature Christians, and those who struggle with depression, suicidal thoughts, or feel like outcasts from society. Our services are welcoming and casual in dress, yet we always approach worship with reverence and a desire to honor God. Join us and see how our practical approach can help you grow in your faith.

Our Leaders

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Bishop W. Todd Ervin, Sr. 

Co Pastor Kimberly M. Ervin

Bishop W. Todd Ervin Sr. was raised in Penuel Missionary Baptist Church where he accepted his call to the ministry in 1985. While at Penuel, Bishop Ervin was licensed and ordained. He served as the Youth Pastor at Penuel under the leadership of his Father, Bishop CA Ervin Sr. On September 1, 1991; Bishop Ervin launched what is known today as One Lord One Faith One Baptism Christian Church aka Church One. Since the inception of Church One, Bishop has been on the move. Bishop Ervin joined the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship in 1993 where he served as a District Overseer, General Overseer, State Overseer of Southern California, and on April 11, 2003, was consecrated State Bishop of Southern California under the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship by Bishop Paul S Morton. His formal religious training was obtained at West Angeles Bible College where he studied Christian Philosophy, Morris Cerullo School of Ministry and Total Word Concept where he studied the Greek Language, and he received his Masters Degree in Theology from Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College.


Bishop Ervin serves as Senior Pastor of the One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism Christian Church in the city of Long Beach, aka Church One. He is also Founder and Organizer of Pneuma Ministries and Vice President of One, One, One Theological Seminary. Bishop has a heart for pastors and is a spiritual father to many throughout the world. He is the founder of “Living and Leading as One Marriage Ministry” which is for married couples that serve in high profile positions in ministry, politics or other industries and or arenas.

Bishop Ervin is a dynamic and anointed preacher/teacher who ministers in the power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost.


His motto for One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism Church is we must be a “Heaven Bound Church with a Down to Earth Ministry” in order to reach people from all walks of life. Bishop Ervin strives to minister to the whole family helping them develop into strong and viable Christians able to live according to the purpose and plan of God. He believes, when we build strong families we build strong churches.

His God-given vision has left no stone unturned, it is a ministry comprised of several different ministries: P.J.’s (Precious Jewels) Women’s Ministry, Men of Issachar (Men’s Fellowship), 2B1 (Couples Ministry), One Church One Child (Children’s Ministry), Young Ones (Youth Ministry), 1Up (Young Adult Ministry, and Koinonia Community Center and Gateway Opportunities Community Development Center, all are a small representation of what God is doing through him. He along with Co-Pastor Kimberly Ervin reach beyond the four walls with the following outreaches: My Girlfriends Closet & Home Boyz Locker Clothing Outreach, Motorcycle Ministry, Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs, Opportunity Transitional House, Laffn’ n Da Park and community partnerships with middles schools and high schools in the Long Beach area. These unique ministries provide physical, social, educational, spiritual and emotional stability that compels men, women, boys and girls to move towards their destiny in Christ Jesus.

Bishop Ervin has been anointed not only to preach the gospel to the poor; heal the broken hearted, preach deliverance to the captives, help the blind to recover sight, and set at liberty them that are bruised, he has been ordained to preach the acceptable year of our Lord. Bishop Ervin has served as the Western Regional Director of “One Thousand Churches Connected” under the direction of Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Sr., and the Rainbow Push Coalition.

Above all his accomplishments none are greater than his family, his wife Co-Pastor Kimberly Marie Ervin, and their four children: Khristian, Brea, William Todd. II, Zion as well as their granddaughter, Amani.

For over 33 years, Co-Pastor Kimberly M. Ervin -affectionately known as 'Co'-, has served alongside her husband of 39 years, Bishop W. Todd Ervin, Sr., and together they developed and sustain a “Heaven Bound Church with a Down to Earth Ministry” that serves the community in a practical and powerful way through a host of diverse ministries.


Co is known and respected for her kindness, generosity, and practical delivery of biblical principles and believes that with hard work, commitment and trust in God, success is inevitable. As a community leader, she strives to improve the lives of families, women and children through wholistic processes of change and utilizes a comprehensive toolkit to guide those in need.

For more than 15 years she served as a High School Resource Teacher in Special Education in both the Los Angeles and Murrieta Unified School Districts before transitioning into an administrative role in the field of foster care where she monitored and served foster children -and families- in three counties.

As it pertains to ministry, Co's passion for women led to the establishment of the Precious Jewel's (PJ's) womens ministry which has been a staple within Church One. For many women, the PJs is been a transformative experience that not only helps to solidified their faith but realigns their outlook of self. As leader of this ministry, Co takes pride in how impactful it has been and continues to think of new and exciting ways to further its reach. In addition to the PJs, she and Bishop Ervin created the 2B1 and Leading and Living as One marriage ministries. These offerings help couples best navigate the marriage esperience by providing relative activities, private counseling and retreat time for community leaders, pastors, church leaders and members.


Notably, Co-Pastor Kim has obtained multiple degrees; Bachelors in Behavioral Science, Masters in Biblical Studies and Masters in Counseling and Marriage Family Therapy, as well as hosts two shows on YouTube: It’s Just KimTen Minute Tips for Relationships, and the podcast Koffee with Kim. 


Most important, along with being a dedicated wife she is the mother of four and grandmother of one. As a woman of God she boldly declares, “My main objective is to pursue God’s will, work towards my personal goals, remain loyal to my family and friends, and maintain a healthy balance for me!” and she is the living true to that. 

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